Monday, June 1, 2009

My first cupcakes

After looking at so many cute cupcakes I decided to give it a go, although I preferred no risks and used a ready mix...not very exciting, I know!.
My mother in law's birthday was coming so I thought it would be nice to bring her something special.
The little cupcakes came out perfect

Using a ready mix might be boring, but I think it's great for beginners like me! and also..... I think it's a very good way to start baking with your children :o)

Okkie....let's go to the next part.....the decoration!....I was soooooo excited about this!....I got all the ingredients for the glaze, writing icing (a bit difficult to write with though), sugar flowers and strands.
It was also my first time preparing icing....which is very easy indeed, but you'll need a couple of attempts to get the desired consistency.

I had a lot of fun decorating the cupcakes and I'm ready to learn more! My mother in law was very pleased, she really enjoyed them :o)

I'll share the recipe I know for the icing:

* 250 grams icing sugar
* Food coloring
* 2 tbsp of hot water

In a bowl, put the sugar and add one tablespoon of hot water, stir until you have a creamy consistency, if you need a bit more water, add a teaspoon first and if you still need more, then add another teaspoon.

If you want to use 2 colors of icing, then pour the mix into a couple of bowls only.
Take one bowl (cover the other one) and add a few drops of food coloring, stir well.
For pastel colors only add a few drops of food coloring. The more drops you add, the more intense the color you'll get.

You can use a spoon or a spatula to cover your cupcake with the icing. If you're adding some decorations, like strands, pearls, or others, do it before the icing sets....let's say then, as soon as you've iced your cupcake :o)

This is the basic recipe, you can also add flavour to your icing :o)

Have fun!!!!


  1. I'm very impressed with your first cupcakes. I think artists make the best cake decorators.

  2. Thank you very much! I'm still learning...I love to bake and do all sorts of sweet things, the decoration is such a lot of fun! :o)


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