Monday, June 8, 2009

Marzipan cupcakes

Months ago, and after seeing a marzipan block at the grocery stores I convinced myself to get it (as if it was too hard! LOL) to do some modelling (and chewing!).
I kept the block in a drawer for ages waiting for the real inspiration to come and it came after I saw a tutorial on how to make cupcake earrings with clay! (I'll try to find the link)..... I thought it would be nice to make cupcakes with marzipan.....and this was the result:

I'm very please with them!! they look very cute and taste fenomenal!, they also make a perfect present and would be an absolute success at a birthday party.

Today I went to visit my friend Fernanda, and I gave her the little marzipan cupcakes I made, she and her daughters loved them, great!.

If you have some good links to marzipan related websites please let me know, I'll appreciate it!.


  1. Que quieres que te diga amiga, talento es algo que te sobra!! me estas inspirando...te juro que la Augus adoraria esas cositas!! Entonces la 'masa' la compraste en el super? y los colores?

  2. Gabriela said...
    Que lindos! Parecen de juguete! Que quieres que te diga... con esas fotos como no inspirarse!
    Da hasta pena comerselos! mmm vamos a intentarlo... a ver que sale :o)
    Me imagino que estuvieron de miedo, no?

  3. Silvana!: El bloque de mazapán lo comrpas en el supermercado. Seguramente en la misma sección donde encuentras el mazapán encontrarás el colorante, yo usé colorante líquido pero creo que es mejor el gel. Cuéntame como te quedaron! xoxo

    Gabriela: Si! estos cupcakes de mazapán quedaron de miedo, a ver si lo intentas también! Un besote!

  4. They are so pretty and look so good. I use to make mazripan but have not done it in years.

    1. Thank you! I buy marzipan blocks from the sore :-) ready to use! x


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