Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lavender cookies

After I bought the book "Cookie Craft" I have been thinking and even dreaming about cookies... the book is so inspirational!!!....the photographs, tips, recipes, tricks.....hmmm perfect!, honestly, if you're interested in cookie decoration THIS is the right book.

I was so eager to start using the ideas and techniques from the book that I dashed to get all what I needed, although I forgot the squeeze bottles, more pastry bags and extra nozzles.....which I can't find easily where I live. When I visited a friend the other day I remembered that I saw a pack of 4 sauce bottles in a shop, very cheap, not the perfect ones, but they would definitely help, so I got them. The pastry bags and extra nozzles had to stay in my "wish list" for now. Not to worry :o)

As I got a pack of greeting cards with photographs of lavender, I thought it would be nice to use the same colors for my cookies :

It was great to experiment with royal icing as I have never used it before. It can be tricky, I made some mistakes...that I ate afterwards :o)
I feel that I learnt a lot today and believe me.... I can't wait to decorate more!.

I'll put these in a clear bag with a nice ribbon plus a thank you card (the lavender ones...of course) to a very sweet friend of mine, Jacqueline, who sent me by surprise 5 pots of food coloring paste with a note that said "Happy baking and marzipal modeling"....isn't she nice!?.

Oxfam cookies

A month ago I needed a 2 tier plate to put some cupcakes I made for a friend's B'day party so I asked Gen (my friend and neighbour) if she had one at the Oxfam's shop whe she works as a volunteer. To my surprise, she came back with a lovely one, in perfect shape, just what I needed. When I asked how much it was, she said that instead of the money, she wanted some nice cookies for a coffee morning at Oxfam. It seemed like a good challenge! I put all my heart in them :o)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Cookie Craft" fabulous book!!!

After reading comments about the book "Cookie Craft" and seeing samples of the cookies you can make following very easy steps I got very excited and I bought a copy. I just received it today and believe me, it's a fabulous book! with great pics, great tips, recipes and more.
I recommend this book 100%

I couldn't sleep well last night thinking about all the ideas I have, things I can do with cookies, etc etc.... oh dear I'm going insane!!!!!!!!!!

I just can't wait to decorate cookies!!! :o)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Marzipan Watermelons

I'm so inspired these days that I'm even dreaming of all the things I can make with marzipan, I keep a mini notepad with me at all times so I can sketch and write my ideas down.

It's been incredibly sunny and hot in England, this is what I call a proper summer ...finally! And there's no summer without watermelons, don't you think?.

So here they are, marzipan watermelon slices!.

I'm still trying to find out how to do the glaze for marzipan, I have seen that some people use corn syrup, but it's not very easy to find. If you know any other glaze recipe please send me an email, I'd really appreciate it!.

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