Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Banana cupcakes & marzipan

As I had some nicely ripen bananas in the kitchen, I decided to make some banana cupcakes....yum!.
My son got chickenpox (I know...this word doesn't really sound good in a baking blog! LOL)...he's been a bit poorly these last days so a cupcake likes this would be a good treat, he loves bananas!.

I found this recipe here, it's the second time I use a recipe from Wilton's, they're very good!!. It would be nice though, if along with the recipe using cup measurements, they added between brackets, the measures in grams.
I have to admit, I was a bit insecure with the ingredient I tried the raspberry recipe before and they didn't work very well.

This time I added another teaspoon of baking soda and self raising flour instead of the plain one and it worked very well. Don't know whether the baking soda is more powerful in the US or what...honestly!.
This recipe uses sour cream....what for? I don't know.... do you?...I'd love to know!!!.

I was right next to the oven watching the cupcakes raising beautifully, my heart was shaking just by the thought of seeing them sinking like the Titanic....but they didn't!...well done me!!! :o)
The whole house was smelling like heaven....hmmm!

After the cupcakes were cold I prepared the marzipan to do the garnish:

First, I grabbed a chunk of marzipan and gave it a pale yellow tint using food coloring, then I rolled it in between 2 sheets of baking paper and using a cookie cutter I made a sort of marzipan doilly, placed them on top of the cupcakes and then I made the little wholes with a toothpick.
After this, I grabbed another chunk of marzipan and kneaded it using yellow food coloring. I divided the coloured marzipan into little balls and then started giving shape to the bananas.

This was my first attempt to make marzipan fruits!!.

I placed the bananas on top of the doillies and tried to give them more life colouring the extremes with green and brown food coloring....lots of fun!!!.

These banana cupcakes plus the marzipan taste incredible, give it a try, you won't regret it!!


  1. Hi, just came across your blog. Your marzipan work is amazing. Such detail. You must be patient! Lovely.....

  2. Julia: thanks for your kind words!. I love marzipan, besides being delicious it's so easy to work with, I have so many ideas! :o)

  3. Cada vez que usas bicarbonato (baking soda) necesitas un ingrediente ácido para que se produzcan las burbujas de CO2 (dióxido de carbono) que hacen subir las masas... para eso se usa leche cortada con limon, sour cream, yoghurt, vinagre, etc. Cuando usas polvos de hornear no es necesario porque estos llevan un agente ácido (cremor tártaro usualmente) espero que te sirva preciosa!!!! cariños desde Chile y un besote a Bjorn de su fan N°1!!!! Claudia Yáñez.


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