Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jelly Beans Cake!

I always think of new ways of decorating cakes. Each time I go to a traditional sweet shop I get inspired by the colors and shapes.
Jasmine and Luke love Jelly beans and usually get this big jar of Kirkland's, with lots of colors and flavours. I recently heard that Luke's 21st birthday was coming soon... my chance to make a Jelly Bean cake....yeeeeha!.
Madeira cake filled with vanilla buttercream, covered with fondant and lots of Jelly Beans.

Colors were fantastic, the flavour has improved greatly since the first time I tried them.
I had to cut them in half to stick them properly to the cake, and it worked just fine...

Then I made a necklace for the birthday "boy" :-)

~ Happy Beansday! ~
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