Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chocolate cake and marzipan roses.

I came across some interesting silicone moulds on Ebay, in the listing said they were for fimo clay and also "food safe"..... hmmm!!!!! "ooooooh rrrrrreally????" I thought to myself and a sudden smile shone on my face... I got a castle mould and then I saw a very pretty rose one... lots of ideas came flashing through my mind so I got it....oh have to listen to your inner self! hehe.

I cleaned the mould with warm soapy water, grabbed a pack of marzipan, some food coloring and started tried the moould first with a little piece of marzipan.....ooh la la mon chéri!

Isn't this gorgeous?

Ideal to decorate cakes, cupcakes, to give away to friends....I just loved it loved it loved it!...

I wanted to try a recipe from my super-duper guide book "Cakes to Inspire and Desire" by Lindy Smith. So I tried the chocolate cake recipe using a 6 inch cake tin...

What do you think?...

Let's have a piece now...shall we?

Hmmm!!!! the smell of chocolate was incredible....

Absolutely delicious!

Oops! sorry....all gone! :-)


  1. quiero hacer estas rositas se las vpy a mostrar a mi hija!! ella hacve los cupcakes son preciosas!!

    1. Seguro que tu hija se entusiasma!, cariños! x

  2. Super lindo, y buenísima idea.

  3. Es justo lo que necesito AHORA!
    Que rico a media manana :P


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