Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cookies with a WOW factor

I was waiting for another excuse to bake more cookies. There was a birthday coming for someone very special in the family. I showed her all the cookie cutters I had and asked her to choose her favourites. I'm very glad that among them, she picked the ice cream one as I was dying to decorate it!, here's the result.

I had around 3 dozens of cookies to decorate and it took me 5 hours, I loved every single minute of it! yaaaaay!!!!.
I prepared a nice box for her and gave her a dozen of cookies. Then I put others in cute clear bags to give to the other members of the family and friends who went to the party.

These are the other ones I made:

Boats and chicks...

And these cute pigs....OINK!

I used the chocolate roll out cookies recipe that appears in the "Cookie Craft" book and also the royal icing recipe which is really good.

These cookies definately had the WOW factor :o)


  1. These cookies were absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you for all the love and care you put into them, they were works of art and utterly delicious!
    I LOVE YOU! Your appreciative husband "E" :)

  2. Wow, wow, look at these cookies!!!
    You're quite a pastry chef!
    Look so delicious but don't want to eat them.
    These are too lovely to bite and I really admire you! Dammm, I wish I could have a bite!

  3. AB FAB!........they look amazing and very cute indeed....well done my friend, as usual, another piece of art!

    Love from Fen (and Zoe who was amazed...:o) )

  4. Cute. The ice cream cone ones is great. Love how you have decorated them. Very clever! :)

  5. My adorable and wonderful husband....thanks for your words and support, I love you!!!!!

    Photojoy: Thanks for your comment! if I could I would send you a nice box of cookies all the way to Japan :o) xx

    Fennnnnnnnn!!!!! thanks "mai darlinnnnn" I'm sure that you and the girls will love these biscuits....will take some over the next time we get together xx

    Julia: Thank you very much!. I love ice cream, these cookies were a good challenge to go for :o)


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