Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lavender cookies

After I bought the book "Cookie Craft" I have been thinking and even dreaming about cookies... the book is so inspirational!!!....the photographs, tips, recipes, tricks.....hmmm perfect!, honestly, if you're interested in cookie decoration THIS is the right book.

I was so eager to start using the ideas and techniques from the book that I dashed to get all what I needed, although I forgot the squeeze bottles, more pastry bags and extra nozzles.....which I can't find easily where I live. When I visited a friend the other day I remembered that I saw a pack of 4 sauce bottles in a shop, very cheap, not the perfect ones, but they would definitely help, so I got them. The pastry bags and extra nozzles had to stay in my "wish list" for now. Not to worry :o)

As I got a pack of greeting cards with photographs of lavender, I thought it would be nice to use the same colors for my cookies :

It was great to experiment with royal icing as I have never used it before. It can be tricky, I made some mistakes...that I ate afterwards :o)
I feel that I learnt a lot today and believe me.... I can't wait to decorate more!.

I'll put these in a clear bag with a nice ribbon plus a thank you card (the lavender ones...of course) to a very sweet friend of mine, Jacqueline, who sent me by surprise 5 pots of food coloring paste with a note that said "Happy baking and marzipal modeling"....isn't she nice!?.


  1. Hi, Karin! I bookmarked your another blog but I found you've been updating this blog quite often so I've thought I'd better stop by here and say "Hello!".
    It's so amazing and fabulous to see all these beautiful cookies. Do you think I can try one of these? Maybe I should try out soon. I really like your blog. Have a nice weekend.

  2. You're so sweet! thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it.
    I'm getting a bit addicted to baking, specially cookies now that I've got such an inspiring book!. These lavender cookies look and taste fenomenal, you should really try them!, I'd love to send you a tin full of them but it's a loooong way to Japan!.
    Have a sweet day! :o)

  3. Hello Karin!!!! After reading your post I could not do anything but laugh and stop to comment..... It was like reading myself!!! The dreaming about decorating cookies... is like an addiction, don´t you think??

    I agree with you that the book Cookie Craft, is "The Book" for cookie decorators...have you heard that there is a new Cookie Craft coming out in November, just for Christmas Cookies... I do not know if I can wait? Hahaha....


  4. Bea thanks for your comment!. I'm actually waiting for the "Cookie Craft Christmas" book! hahahaha it will be released this november....exciting!. I saw you made ice cream shaped cookies recently, they look so cute!. Will visit your blog again to read the whole post :o)


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