Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas biscuits

I know should have posted this a bit before Christmas!!
Anyway....here are the biscuits I made :o)


  1. How cool these cookies! I always admire your devotion to baking. How I wish I had given any chances to meep up the enjoyment of baking. I used to do when my children were small but not any longer.

  2. Thank you my friend! I would do a lot more baking these days, but I just don't have enought time!! xx

  3. I am seriously impressed with your cakes and icing skills, and your photography too!! Hope you don't mind I've saved one of these biscuit pictures so that I can do some christmas biscuits with my son (2 yrs old - wish me luck) and take inspiration from your icing :)

  4. Hi Dancerjen!
    Thank you very much for your message! I just found it today....as I have moved home and it's been very hectic over here!.
    I'm very happy to hear you get inspiration from what I do :-) I'll take a look to your Blog and see if you made some Christmas biscuits! if you have, I bet you had a great time xx


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